Ian Caddy ianc at
Wed Sep 22 02:13:35 UTC 2004

Hi Steve,

We use RTEMS 4.5.0, with telnet and the shell, but just having a quick 
look at the 4.6.1 code, it is pretty much the same.

The usernames and passwords are stored in a file called passwd located 
in /etc

If you don't have a full file system, or the passwd file does not exist 
it is created on startup with the defaults of:

username	password
root		<no password>
rtems		<no password>

Note: <no password> means just hit enter when you get to the password 

In the 4.6.1 tree, this is all done in the file:


Function init_etc_passwd_group sets up this file.  Note the passwd file 
is similar (maybe identical) to a *nix passwd file, and in this case a * 
indicates no password.

When you are logging into telnetd, I assume in the standard system, you 
are logging into the shell.  The shell files are located at:


Just look in shell.c for the login procedure.

I hope this helps.


Ian Caddy

Steve Holle wrote:
> I think I've got telnet running but I'm having trouble getting past the 
> login.
> How do I set passwords?
> What is the default password?
> Thanks
> Steve Holle
> Link Communications, Inc.
> 1035 Cerise Rd.
> Billings, MT  59101
> sholle at 

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