upcoming snapshot and 4.6.2

Angelo Fraietta afraiett at bigpond.net.au
Mon Sep 27 23:19:50 UTC 2004

I would have liked to have seen the IDE driver from non primary master 
disks fixed on the PC386

Joel Sherrill wrote:

> Hi,
> I have committed all my local changes and closed all the PRs that
> I think I want to for 4.6.2.  I have updated my 4.6 and trunk
> checkouts from CVS and  started a big build.  If it finishes
> OK, then I plan to cut a 4.6.2 release and snapshot as soon as
> I can.
> I know that for the trunk, there will be a list of open issues
> starting with the tools to focus on once this is cut. It looks like
> most of the PRs are now tool related or long term wishes.
> Does anyone have any outstanding fixes they would like evaluated
> for 4.6.2?  This is really the last call.

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