Intel 82801BD PRO/100

Joel Sherrill <> joel.sherrill at
Thu Sep 30 21:14:13 UTC 2004

Eric Norum wrote:
> A quick look at the Linux eepro driver led me to beleive that I could 
> use the RTEMS if_fxp.c driver for a machine with an Intel 82801BD 
> PRO/100 network interface merely by adding the following line to the 
> fxp_ident_table:
>     { 0x103B,       "Intel Pro/100 Ethernet (82801BD PRO/100 VM (LOM))" }
> It would appear that my guess was wrong.  :-(
> The system starts up and prints
> Ethernet address 0:8:2:3A:e9:E4
>                                 PCI IDs: 0x8086 0x103B 0xE11 0x12 0x81
> Chip Type: 0
> Then things lock up tight.
> Has anyone had success with this NIC?

I don't have experience that directly helps but wanted to ask if there
were obvious differences or switches based on NIC type in the

FWIW I have the same issue to deal with in the DEC driver.  My old
home PC has a clone chip which is the same enough to do the same
thing if I add its ID.  I suppose we will be debugging the same thing
in different drivers. :(

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