rtems on m5282lite

Etienne Fortin etienne.fortin at sensio.tv
Wed Apr 13 17:42:56 UTC 2005

 Hi Georgi,
When I started working with RTEMS, a similar problem gave me headaches at
the beginning. It was the watchdog timer which wasn't set-up correctly. I
think Eric Norum already proposed that. Was it the source of your problems?

Etienne Fortin

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 I have m5282LITE bord and I run successfully uclinux on it. But I need a
real time OS so I look in to rtems. In the CVS there is port to uCdimm board
the same processor(uC5282). I modify   
c/src/lib/libbsp/m68k/uC5282/startup/linkcmds to correct the difference in
RAM/FLASH base and size, and the value of _DownloadLocation to match my
board. I set the UART speed to be 19200, and compile. I don't find any ather
difference between uC5282 and m5282LITE. 
 But when I transfer any of the samples in my board RAM and execute them
they all start but after a short time  the board hang. I modify hello_world
to be a simple  loop from 1 to 1000 and each time to print the counter of
the loop. 
Each time i run this program it hang on different place(from 5-th to 50-th
printed messages).
 Where the problem can be? Can someone gave me any advice.


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