rtems on m5282lite

g_YaneV g_yanev at bulpost.com
Thu Apr 14 16:22:59 UTC 2005


 I Write a simple program (again based on hello world) that print out some 
registers status, and here is the output:
register  iprh= 0x0
register iprl = 0x0
register imrh = 0xFFFFFFFF
register imrl = 0xF7EF1F7E

register  iprh= 0x0
register iprl = 0x0
register imrh = 0xFFFFFFFF
register imrl = 0xFFFFFFFF

core watchdog
register wcr = 0x0000
register wmr = 0xFFFF
register wcntr = 0xFFFF
register wsr = 0x0000

register crsr= 0x80
register cwcr= 0x01
register lpicr = 0x00
register cwsr = 0x00
the watchdog's are disabled, and the interrupt sources are UART0-2, DTIN1, 
FEC.X_INTF(i try masking FEC.X_INTF in the dBUG before executing „go 0x1000“ 
and it stays masked, but the problem is still there). I have to run my 
program several times to get the full output, because most of the times it 
hangs before printing all the output. Any ideas?


On Wednesday 13 April 2005 20:42, Etienne Fortin wrote:
>  Hi Georgi,
> When I started working with RTEMS, a similar problem gave me headaches at
> the beginning. It was the watchdog timer which wasn't set-up correctly. I
> think Eric Norum already proposed that. Was it the source of your problems?
> Etienne Fortin
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>   Hello,
>  I have m5282LITE bord and I run successfully uclinux on it. But I need a
> real time OS so I look in to rtems. In the CVS there is port to uCdimm
> board whit
> the same processor(uC5282). I modify
> c/src/lib/libbsp/m68k/uC5282/startup/linkcmds to correct the difference in
> RAM/FLASH base and size, and the value of _DownloadLocation to match my
> board. I set the UART speed to be 19200, and compile. I don't find any
> ather difference between uC5282 and m5282LITE.
>  But when I transfer any of the samples in my board RAM and execute them
> they all start but after a short time  the board hang. I modify hello_world
> to be a simple  loop from 1 to 1000 and each time to print the counter of
> the loop.
> Each time i run this program it hang on different place(from 5-th to 50-th
> printed messages).
>  Where the problem can be? Can someone gave me any advice.
> Regards,
> Georgi

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