rtems on m5282lite

g_YaneV g_yanev at bulpost.com
Fri Apr 15 17:22:40 UTC 2005

  Hello again,

 Problem solved.

I insert this code in start.S just before the code that copy the new vector 

    lea.l __IPSBAR+0xc08,a0
    move.l #0xfffffffe,(a0)
    lea.l __IPSBAR+0xc0c,a0
    move.l #0xffffffff,(a0)
    lea.l __IPSBAR+0xd08,a0
    move.l #0xffffffff,(a0)
    lea.l __IPSBAR+0xd0c,a0
    move.l #0xffffffff,(a0)

This way I am sure that all interrupts are unmasked by rtems code. Isn't this 
a good practice in general(no one can know what is running befor calling 
rtems). My problem was that dBUG allows one timer and rtems after that allows 

thanks for showing me where the problem can be.

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