RFC: Obsoleting or32

Joel Sherrill <joel@OARcorp.com> joel.sherrill at OARcorp.com
Mon Apr 25 13:39:55 UTC 2005

Ralf Corsepius wrote:
> On Mon, 2005-04-25 at 11:58 +0300, Puro Markku wrote:
>>OpenRISC1000/1200 is quite active.
>>There is also "OpenRISC 1000 RTEMS"
>>BTW: They have weekly builds for GNU Toolchain and OS ports???
>>"The OpenRISC automated testing system (ATS) is, at present, 
>>a single machine which weekly builds OpenRISC GNU Toolchain and 
>>OS ports and reports building problems to the developers."
> Well, meanwhile, the or32 is gone from RTEMS source-tree, and I don't
> see much reason to resurrect it unless OpenCores changes its policy.
> They are pretty clear they want to do everything themselves -- nothing
> on Earth prevents them from doing so, they forked away from binutils,
> gcc and now are being forked away from RTEMS.

Maintaining a port that does not work to keep their GNU tools ports
up to date in the main source tree is painful.  I haven't had a
complete ORxx toolset in ages.

> I intentionally set a one week deadline, ...

I think it would take a commitment to getting their modifications into
the various GNU tools and working within the system.  having patches to
officially released versions is one thing, forking is another.

Nothing personal.  We have been following the lead of the GNU tools.  If
the support isn't there, we drop the port.

> Ralf


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