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Tue Apr 26 08:15:05 UTC 2005

Angelo Fraietta schrieb:

I think you missinterprete the functionality of
IMFS_memfile_maximum_size(): It does not return the amount of memory
left for file creation, but returns a constant, that defines the maximum
file size, that can be created using the IMFS, even if more memory would
be available. In normal configurations, the size of each file is limited
to 4MByte.


> Greetings all
> I have found that I am running out of malloc memory on my system
> By doing the following two calls, I can see how much memory I have
>            printf ("\r\nFree Space %u", malloc_free_space());
>            printf("\r\nMax Filesystem Size %u",
> IMFS_memfile_maximum_size());
> At first, I have approx 5527408 bytes of malloc memory and 4329344 bytes
> of free filesystem space.
> After loading a heap of data, I end up with approx 207000 bytes of
> malloc memory left, buts still have the same amount of Filesystem space
> left (this is strange as I have just downloaded nearly 100K of files to
> my system). This 200K of malloc space that I have left is still not
> enough to dod what I still have to do
> How do I reduce the amount of filesystem space and increase the amount
> of space for malloc?
> Why didn't the Filesystem space show the difference; or is it that the
> call I made shows the total IMFS space- not the amount remaining.
> Thanks

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