Building RTEMS. Targets and overrides...

Per Dalgas Jakobsen pdjpub at
Thu Aug 4 11:09:23 UTC 2005

Hi all,

I'm trying to build RTEMS-4.6.2 on a Cygwin host for a Pentium target.
I have successfully made a cross-toolchain for i586-rtems: 
binutils-2.16.1, newlib (CVS from yesterday) and gcc-3.4.4
Now I got to building RTEMS;

Unfortunately it seems not so easy to configure RTEMS for an 
586-optimized toolchain/compiler.

Any good reasons for that?

I tried a couple of different things to circumvent the problem, but no 
success so far (see below).

Any suggestions?


   Failed attempts
* configure --prefix=/opt/i586-rtems --target=i586-rtems --disable-cxx 
--enable-rtemsbsp=pc586 --disable-itron

tools/cpu/configure complains: "error: Invalid RTEMS_CPU <i586>"
I couldn't find any example on RTEMS-mailinglists with target set to 
i586-rtems, but shouldn't that be possible to do (at least to ease the 
program-prefix stuff)?

Then I tried
* configure --prefix=/opt/i586-rtems --target=i386-rtems 
--program-prefix=i586-rtems- --disable-cxx --enable-rtemsbsp=pc586 

configure passes, though a couple of suspicious outputs appears from 
"checking host system type... i386-pc-rtems" - Should host be rtems???
"checking for i386-rtems-strip... no" - Strange... I asked to look for 
Checking the call to c/configure:
/home/Per/Tuxway/src/rtems-4.6.2/c/configure' '--prefix=/opt/i586-rtems' 
'--host=i386-rtems' '--build=i686-pc-cygwin' '--target=i386-rtems' 
'--program-prefix=i586-rtems-' '--disable-cxx' '--enable-rtemsbsp=pc586' 
'--disable-itron' '--with-target-subdir=i386-rtems' 
'--exec-prefix=/opt/i586-rtems/i386-rtems'  '--cache-file=/dev/null' 

"--host" and "--exec-prefix" is specific. - Should it be that way?
And it does not help to try to override "--exec-prefix"...

Obviously the following "make all" explodes (in /c/ since i386-rtems-gcc 
is unavailable).

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