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I've talked to Atmel in the past about the price of the SAM7 vs. the AVR,
and the rule if thumb is about twice the cost. That's not to say the SAM7
isn't attractive in absolute cost terms, but for higher volume applications
the AVR (which is a smaller die and has no IP licensing) will cost less.

In applications where 16K of RAM is enough, I agree that a "micro RTEMS"
would be a great alternative to Salvo or UCOS. Having used RTEMS on a 68K
with 128K RAM I think it should be possible, especially if not all the
managers are used (just semaphores, queues, and the scheduler perhaps?)

Just my $0.02


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Wednesday, August 3, 2005, 6:41:29 PM, you wrote:

RC> Primarily:
RC> * RTEMS is not 16 bit clean (!).
RC> * Some parts of newlib need to be fixed.

>> I am not sure, that it is possible - due to low resources of AVR.
RC> That's what we want to find out.

RC> It definitely won't fit onto the small AVRs, but there are chances it
RC> could fit onto larger AVRs. ATM, avr support is more or less more an
RC> experiment aiming at "slimming down" RTEMS ("Tiny RTEMS") and at getting
RC> it 16 bit clean, but an actual target.

Tiny RTEMS is good idea, AVR - not.

1. Highest AVR like Mega128, Mega64 is not price effective in
comparison with modern ARM - Philips LPC2xxx, Atmel AT91SAM7S64, etc.

2. Atmel push customers to ARM - why??

IMHO, Tiny RTEMS on LPC2116 or AT91SAM7S64 will bring a lot of users
to RTEMS, who now spending their time for uCOS-II, etc. And it is more
perspective for RTEMS future (IMHO).

If it is possible to build RTEMS for ARM target with min. req. 8kb RAM
& 32...48 kb FLASH (for system), and services better then uCOS-II, it
will be great!!

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