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Wednesday, August 3, 2005, 9:53:04 PM, you wrote:

JSjOc> I added code for 16-bit IDs as a step in this direction.  If you
JSjOc> are going small, there is no reason for extremely large number of
JSjOc> objects or multiprocessor node information in the ID.

JSjOc> Ralf has focused on making sure the code is 16 bit clean.  When you
JSjOc> use an int, you need to make sure it is OK with only 16 bit ints.

IMHO, 16bit will by useful even in ARM platform with low RAM

JSjOc> I am concerned that in the smallest RAM configurations, the notion
JSjOc> of each task having its own dedicated stack might be unsupportable.
JSjOc> 8K RAM definitely doesn't make you want to give each task a portion
JSjOc> of that.  There are alternate schemes to be looked at when memory
JSjOc> is that right.

JSjOc> So TinyRTEMS is a concept and a goal.  We do not have feature 
JSjOc> requirements defined for what the "tiniest RTEMS" will be.  Any
JSjOc> comments and thoughts would be appreciated.

May be sometimes we will found "configuration manager": we will choose
options, and receive answers about resources requirements. And each
customer will personally decide, what is more important: additional
RAM (and separate space for each task, stability) or price.

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