Freescale MPC8247 and/or MPC5200 port ?

Victor V. Vengerov Victor.Vengerov at
Thu Aug 18 14:33:13 UTC 2005


Thanks for pointing this.

I have quickly looked through FEC definitions in micromonitor code - no, 
MPC5200 FEC is very different. Serial seems the same as MPC860, which is 
different as well.

Actually I don't see too much problems to implement these drivers from 
scratch. Of course, good starting point is always good.


Ed Sutter wrote:

> Victor,
> Not sure of the similarity, but the micromonitor tarball has
> a port to a MPC852t based board with FEC, ethernet and serial port
> drivers (polled).  That may give you a start anyway.  I've hooked
> RTEMS to micromonitor in the past, and it works out pretty well.
> If useful, go to
> for a download point.
> Ed
>> Joel Sherrill <joel at> wrote:
>>> Victor V. Vengerov wrote:
>>>> Markku,
>>>> We are planning BSP development for MPC5200 (5200Lite evaluation 
>>>> board) and have made some preliminary analysis for this work.
>>>> It looks like MPC5200 architecture is quite new, so most drivers 
>>>> (serial, network, IDE, PCI, ...) and initialization code need to be 
>>>> developed from scratch. From other side, 603e core is already 
>>>> supported. We have not found BSP which is really similar to MPC5200 
>>>> one. So my advice is to start from scratch looking to other powerpc 
>>>> BSPs (score603e?) for reference.
>>> If it is a 603e core with a handful of on-CPU peripherals, talk to
>>> someone at FreeScale and try to get them to tell you if the on-CPU
>>> peripherals are the same as or similar to those on any other part.
>>> Many times they do not really advertise it but they are the same
>>> or slightly modified.  They really could be new but you might get
>>> lucky.
>> Yes, I know it. Actually I have compared their on-chip peripheral (at 
>> least, FEC, ATA, DMA, PSC - Programmable Serial Controller) against 
>> at least all m68k/coldfire and Motorola PowerPC chips supported in 
>> RTEMS. Nothing similar. Also, we have looked into Linux kernel - 
>> MPC5200 peripheral drivers are separate from other ex-Motorola chips.
>>> The ep1a or mpc8260 may also be good BSPs to look at.  It largely
>>> depends on what the on-CPU peripherals look most like.
>> No, they are different - at least mpc8260, which is known to me and 
>> I'm sure I have checked it.
>> Thanks,
>> Victor

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