rtems api to the TFS filesystem (Ed's Micromonitor)

Ed Sutter esutter at lucent.com
Wed Aug 24 16:24:53 UTC 2005

I can send it to you; however, it won't be till tomorrow
because I have it at home on CD.

It is a first pass at integrating TFS with RTEMS, so it's not
perfect, but it's a real good head start.

I am embarassingly *WAY* behind with regard to getting the stuff
that I've done to integrate uMon with RTEMS merged back into the
RTEMS tree; however, I'll be glad to send you what I have.

Joel, ok to attach the file to the list or should I just send
it directly to Camilo?

> Hello,
> How can I get access to this? Is it published in RTEMS website?
> Ed Sutter escribió:
>> Jonas,
>> I've got it basically working.  Still very new, but it's certainly
>> shareable.  Unfortunately I have it at home, so I'll have to get
>> it to you tomorrow.
>> Sooner or later I'll do some wiki stuff on it.
>> Ed
>> Jonas Moberg wrote:
>>> Would be interested in the wrapper that was discussed a few weeks ago 
>>> for
>>> mounting the TFS file system on rtems.
>>> Was it ever posted on the list - Can it be shared?
>>> The Micromonitor is a very helpful piece of code and it makes sense 
>>> to do
>>> low-level
>>> configuration this way (network configuration etc).
>>> /Jonas Moberg
>>> Solid Software AB
>>> Sweden

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