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Jerry James Jerry.James at
Wed Dec 21 19:18:32 UTC 2005

I am working on a project with some RTEMS users who have an embedded
board with generic USB hardware.  They have mentioned several times how
nice it would be to have USB support in RTEMS.  I am going to try to
convince them to throw some programmer hours at the problem.

In a message to this forum last year, Joel Sherrill mentioned that OAR
has a partial port of some BSD stack.  If I succeed in getting some
programmer hours dedicated to this task, would you be willing to share
your partial port with us to give us a head start?  In return, I can
promise that anything we accomplish will be released back to you under 
the BSD license (or whatever free/open license is appropriate).

Speaking of licenses, would a port of a GPLed USB stack be okay, since
the primary RTEMS license is the GPL?  This message:

indicated it is not, and other messages indicate that that is due to the
special exception clause in the RTEMS license.  I have to admit that I
don't fully understand the issues, though.

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