Coldfire/RTEMS Debugging

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As fine as I know, other options are available, but they are essentially 
more expensive. For example, you may consider Abatron BDI2000 box, Abatron has an option when gdb debugging protocol 
supported over ethernet, and they support Coldfire processors. I guess, 
gdb "from the box" can communicate with this debugger (but I have not 
tried this, it's just a theory).


Steve Strobel wrote:

> I have been using m68k-bdm-elf-gdb with a P&E parallel port BDM 
> interface to debug Coldfire targets running RTEMS for the past few 
> years.  My new computer didn't have a parallel port and the PCI card I 
> got to add one doesn't support the standard I/O address for LPT ports, 
> so I am in need of a modified debugger.  I believe that last time I 
> built GDB that I used the GDB source from the sourceforge BDM Tools 
> project, without any RTEMS patches.  Is that the best thing to do now, 
> or would there be benefits in also applying the RTEMS patches?
> Is remote debugging (either via serial or ethernet) possible on the 
> Coldfire?  In Oct 2004, Chris Johns wrote, "I do not know of a stub 
> for remote ethernet debugging if BDM is not connected" 
> (<>). 
> Later in that thread, RTEMS librdbg, <
> > and <
> > were all mentioned, but I never saw anyone say that any of them were 
> working for the Coldfire.
> What about RTEMS awareness?  
> <> says, "Currently 
> GDB is not RTEMS aware. GDB scripts exist that can help..." but the 
> RTEMS/GDB User's Guide at 
> <> 
> talks about thread control.  Is that just using the scripts?  If so, I 
> presume that they will work with the stock GDB.
> How do people use the pre-compiled m68k binaries from the RTEMS site 
> (such as 
> <> 
> if they don't support BDM or remote debugging?  I must be missing 
> something obvious.  Thanks for any help or suggestions.
> Steve
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