GMS/GPS with RTEMS (former Re: GPRS with RTEMS)?

Sam samwun at
Fri Dec 16 06:02:04 UTC 2005

> Sam wrote:
>> Could any one please tell me is there any GPRS open source software
>> compatible with RTEMS?
> Normally GPRS is accessed using the serial interface to the phone module
> then PPP software for networking. RTEMS supports termios for the serial
> access and the PPP protocol.
> Is this the type of GPRS software you are referring to ?
I just found out I made a serious typo and mistake in typing the name, I
really meant GSM/GPS rather. I would like to know what kind of SBC (like
handheld small board) and software I can use for building a GSM/GPS
application based on RTEMS. I found that  Intel® XScale™ uSBC from is a very efficient and powerful hardware can be
relied on. But Microcross does not offer development tools base on RTEMS.
What is the effort of developing GSM/GPS application based on RTEMS and
port it over to a reliable and efficient platform like Intel® XScale™

Any other alternativies?


> Regards
> Chris

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