RTEMS 4.6.5 biuld failed in FreeBSD 6.0

Sam samwun at telpacific.com.au
Sun Dec 25 01:29:45 UTC 2005

e.stiebler wrote:

> Sam wrote:
>> Hi, I have checked out 4.7, how to compile the source? I don't find a 
>> "configure" file in the rtems/ directory.
> There should be bootstrap or something alike ...
Yes, there is a bootstrap program, but it complains alot of GNU files 
are missing from my FreeBSD system:
aclocal: not found
automake: not found
autoconf: not found
grep: Makefile.in: No such file or directory

I also tried to look for a howto, guideline or installation notes , but 
I couldn't find a suitable notes that easy to read from Unix...


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