Can I add to an installed RTEMS tree?

Mills, John M. Mills.J at
Tue Jan 11 13:48:27 UTC 2005

All -

I now have what appears a promising RTEMS-4.6.2 installation and have built
and run several of the 'examples-4.6.2' objects, and would now like to try a
more extended test suite.

Ideally I would like to add those RTEMS members that come with the
"--enable-tests" configuration option, but rebuild as little as possible of
my presently configured installation. Is this practical, or should I delete
my 'build' tree and reconfigure from scratch?

Target is powerpc-rtems and host is Cygwin. I have also installed
RTEMS-4.6.2 in a RedHat-7.3/GNU/Linux box and was relieved to have the same
three BSP 'build' problems as in Cygwin: both environments seem to agree on
the breakage.

TIA for your comments and suggestions.

 - Mills

John M. Mills
Staff Engineer
EMS Technologies
660 Engineering Drive
Norcross, GA 30092
770.263.9200 ext4882

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