rpm error

Ed Sutter esutter at lucent.com
Tue Jan 4 14:28:06 UTC 2005

Aaron J. Grier wrote:

> On Mon, Jan 03, 2005 at 01:58:48PM -0500, Ed Sutter wrote:
>>>Ed Sutter wrote:
>>>>"package .... is intended for i686 architecture" and then subsequent
>>>>packages don't install because this is a prerequisite.
>>>>I'm taking a guess here, but could this error be related to the fact
>>>>that my linux box (old) is an AMD-K6-2 based box?  If not, does anyone
>>>>have a clue?
>>>Sounds like that is the issue.  I don't have experience with AMD CPUs
>>>but if it isn't >= i686, then it won't work.
> K6-2 is i586.  (uname -m shows it)
>>>The alternative is to use the RPM specs and just build them for that
>>Not sure what you mean by "RPM specs".  Are you suggesting that I
>>rebuild "rpm" itself?  If so, I don't think "rpm" is the problem, it
>>appears that the package rpm is trying to open is the problem (I've
>>used rpm on other packages on this machine in the past).  Assuming
>>that's true, does this mean I have to build the binaries (binutils and
>>gcc) from scratch?
> rpm itself doesn't need to be rebuilt; just the rpms.  get the source
> rpms for the cross compiler, install them, modify the spec file (if
> necessary), and then have rpm build an i386 or i486 binary package from
> source for you.
Thanks much.
I'm also going to bite the bullet and invest in a new motherboard! :-)

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