Making Rtems Device Drivers using C?

Angelo Fraietta afraiett at
Tue Jan 4 21:21:08 UTC 2005

Joel Sherrill  wrote:

> Alex wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I would like to implement a simple device driver to answer printer 
>> port requests, but in the rtems documentation I only see referencies 
>> to develop rtems drivers using ada... I want to implement it using c, 
>> any how-to? any tutorial? any help?
> You must be missing something.  All drivers are implemented in C and you
> should avoid using Ada (or C++ for that matter) for them due to 
> potential run-time actions you might not anticipate.  Both Ada and C++ 
> have complex run-times that can use mutexes, block, or allocate 

Surely the overhead in C++ would only be if calls were being made to C++ 
run time libraries from within the interrupt.
Would calling a native RTEMS set event from code compiled with the C++ 
compiler be different from making the same call from within the C compiler?

Michael Barr, in book cited below,  states that C++ is preferable due to 
its type-safety. Overhead can be controlled by avoiding things such as 

1.    Barr, M., Programming embedded systems in C and C++. 1999, 
Sebastopol, Calif.: O'Reilly. xvii, 174.

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