Help needed using i386-rtems-gcc

Joel Sherrill <> joel.sherrill at
Thu Jan 6 23:27:42 UTC 2005

joe gard wrote:
> thank you in first place,
> unfortunatly it doesn´t help me. I have a rtems app that I want to put 
> to work in the real world. So I want to compile it without eny debug 
> info, in order to get a app targeted for speed at the maximum. So I have 
> to compile it without debug info right?
> How Do I do that is I use the make file of the hello world sample? this 
> make file calls the i386-rtems-cc which ises always the -g option. I 
> need to remove it but I dont know where is the -g option configured to 
> remove it...
> By other side rtems app is linked to the kernel, right? So I also have 
> to compile the kernel in "release" mode, right?  how do I do that if I 
> use the make all install to compile the kernel?

-g only means that symbolic debug information is in the RTEMS libraries.
That symbolic information is included with your linked application 
unless strip it.

> The ask is this:  Which is the standar method to release a rtems app to 
> the real world in terms of release version?

I would hazard a guess that there is no "standard" way. SOme people may
want to debug in the field.  Sometimes you have to convert to a specific
format to download.  But for sure if you are trying to shrink the file
size, get rid of the debug information.  See

> Many thanks
> Joe
>> From: "Thomas Doerfler" <Thomas.Doerfler at>
>> To: "joe gard" <joe_os2001 at>
>> Subject: Re: Help needed using i386-rtems-gcc
>> Date: Wed, 05 Jan 2005 20:54:48 +0100
>> Joe,
>> the make file infrastructure for RTEMS is quite complicated, so
>> I would leave it as it is.
>> If you need an executable without symbol/debug information, you
>> might use the GNU tool
>> i386-rtems-strip -S <filename>
>> does this help you?
>> wkr,
>> Thomas.
>> > Hi!
>> > I would like to compile the hello world sample in release version, that
>> > is, without any debug information, targeted to i686 as always.
>> > So, I have to remeve the -g Wall flags right, but where is the file
>> > where this flag is?
>> > The make file of the hello world sample doenst include these flags I
>> > already search in other conf files but I cant see the flat in order to
>> > remove it...
>> > Can someone tell me how do I turn off the debug info in the target
>> > executable?
>> >
>> > Many thanks
>> >
>> > Joe
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