[possible regression] pc386/ne2000 networking is not running on rtems-trunk

Joel Sherrill <joel@OARcorp.com> joel.sherrill at OARcorp.com
Fri Jan 14 12:35:47 UTC 2005

Karel Gardas wrote:
> Hello,
> just playing with trunk and 4-6-branch and found that dnstest which is
> running well on 4-6-branch is not running anymore on head. I have not
> investigated it more yet, I've thought I will just ask if there are any
> obvious or known issues with pc386 BSP and ne2000 implementation on trunk
> and/or if the network configuration changed so older (4.6.x) is not
> supported on trunk anymore.

I don't know particularly why this driver would be broken.  It is
nothing intentional.  This is the diff of the head versus the 4.6 version:

$ diff ne2000.c 
<  *  $Id: ne2000.c,v 1.12 2004/05/21 14:23:15 joel Exp $
 >  *  $Id: ne2000.c,v 2003/09/04 18:44:03 joel Exp $
< #include <errno.h>

There have been some general warning cleanup and BSD .h file
updates but I don't know of anything focused on this BSP.

> Thanks,
> Karel
> PS: everything tested on qemu from cvs from beginning of this week

I hate to be picky but what does "everything" include. :)

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