netdemo echoServer issue [was: Re: listen/select and then accept pattern not working?]

Ian Caddy ianc at
Tue Jan 18 07:33:36 UTC 2005

Karel Gardas wrote:
> On Tue, 18 Jan 2005, Chris Johns wrote:
>>Karel Gardas wrote:
>>>On Mon, 17 Jan 2005, Karel Gardas wrote:
>>>       ++sc->stats.rx_acks;
>>>       rtems_event_send (sc->rx_daemon_tid, INTERRUPT_EVENT);
>>>+      printf("\nNE: receive packet\n");
>>Should this be printk rather than printf ?
> Good note, but does it change anything? i.e. is printf sometimes disabled,
> sometimes enabled in kernel? I've thought when it prints something, it
> definitelly works.

I think what Chris was trying to say was it looks like that code is 
contained in the ISR.  printf is not safe to call from an ISR and 
anything could happen.  That is the reason for the printk function which 
is safe to call from an ISR.


Ian Caddy

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