signal/kill calls

Smith, Gene gene.smith at
Tue Jan 18 16:15:17 UTC 2005

Smith, Gene wrote, On 1/17/2005 3:17 PM:
> The application which I am porting makes a posix style signal() and 
> kill() call in the code. The application itself does not define these 
> function. But when I link against rtems, kill() is resolved while 
> signal() is not. I did not configure my rtems install with 
> --enable-posix. Anyone know right off where the kill() could be coming 
> from? Don't see it in libc.a with rtems-objdump.
> -gene

I reconfigured rtems with --enable-posix added and now the call to 
signal() resolves OK too. Is it OK to mix posix and standard RTEMS calls 
in the same application?


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