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Ralf Corsepius ralf.corsepius at
Mon Jul 11 13:22:44 UTC 2005

On Mon, 2005-07-11 at 08:06 -0500, Jennifer Averett wrote:
> Ed,
> Looking at the Changelog the ss555 already supported the new exception
> model when I made the modifications.
> It looks like the gen405 is one that I missed converting.  If you look in
> the "make/custom/gen405.cfg" file, CPU_FLAGS has D_OLD_EXCEPTIONS added to
> it.  However, there are changes to the bsp code which are necessary prior
> to supporting new exceptions so just changing this option alone will not
> make the bsp work with new exceptions.
Correct - That's why I said "if your BSP is ready for ..."

In RTEMS-CVS, the default (without -D_OLD_EXCEPTIONS) for all BSPs is to
use new-exceptions. Having -D_OLD_EXCEPTIONS in CFLAGS should cause the
configuration to choose old-exception-processing.

To put it differently: If your BSP has been prepared to support both old
and new-exceptions, you should be able to switch between both kinds by
omitting or adding -D_OLD_EXCEPTIONS to CFLAGS.

ATM, (AFAICT off-head) all BSPs in RTEMS-CVS, except the gen405, have
been changed to supporting "new-exceptions only", while the gen405 still
supports "old-exceptions only".

> Jennifer
> >
> >> should do, ... if your BSP is ready to support both kind of exceptions.
Grumble, this should have been -D_OLD_EXCEPTIONS

> > Sorry if I'm just making this confusing, but the gen405 bsp builds that
> > way by default.  I didn't touch anything to cause it to build with the
> > old-exception-processing model.  Is it possible that the gen405 bsp was
> > not updated to use the new-exception-processing model?


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