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Mon Jul 18 18:46:51 UTC 2005

Jennifer Averett wrote:
> Ed,
> Looking at the Changelog the ss555 already supported the new exception
> model when I made the modifications.
> It looks like the gen405 is one that I missed converting.  If you look in
> the "make/custom/gen405.cfg" file, CPU_FLAGS has D_OLD_EXCEPTIONS added to
> it.  However, there are changes to the bsp code which are necessary prior
> to supporting new exceptions so just changing this option alone will not
> make the bsp work with new exceptions.

AFAIK there are no "new exception model" BSPs on any PPC4xx.  The 
helas403 is also old exception model.

Hopefully someone will volunteer to convert them. hint. hint. :)


> Jennifer
>>>should do, ... if your BSP is ready to support both kind of exceptions.
>>Sorry if I'm just making this confusing, but the gen405 bsp builds that
>>way by default.  I didn't touch anything to cause it to build with the
>>old-exception-processing model.  Is it possible that the gen405 bsp was
>>not updated to use the new-exception-processing model?

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