reading file hangs rtems, MMC/SD, ARM debugging

Pavel Pisa ppisa4lists at
Fri Jul 15 08:24:08 UTC 2005

On Thursday 14 July 2005 16:15, Philippe Simons wrote:
> Hi ,i've been working now on a MMC block driver for the bp32 bsp, with
> some partial results.
> The driver install correctly (the /dev/smc file appears), and the fat
> initialisation find the FAT12 partition.
> Using the fileio sample, I can browse the MMC tree whithout any
> problems,
> but if i try to output a file with cat or try to read a file with the
> fileio menu...
> the file seems to be read correctly, but just after rtems hangs.
> I've added a simple task which output some dots in a endless loop, and
> after the file is read, this task stop.
> I used the ramdisk block driver as template to build the mmc block
> driver.
> ne1 has a clue on this issue?

Dear Philippe,

I would be very happy, if you would be so kind and can provide
me sources for inspiration and testing. I need to write MMC/SD support
for i.MX1 ARM920T based board. I have invested enormous time
to test i.MX1 SD/MMC code under Linux. I have only partial
success with SD cards under Linux till now, mainly because
some controller problems and not so clean circumstances about
SD Linux support inclusion in mainline kernel sources.
But my final target system is RTEMS. If you could send me code,
I would provide back all enhancements which I would be able to make.

I am used to publish most of my Linux, RTEMS related
and other code enhancements

I do not know, what CPU is BP32 based on.

Our board is ARM based and I badly lack
GDB support on RTEMS side for ARM CPUs.
I have already asked on the list, where I should
start if I want to include ARM support.
I have received no reply till now.
I have already collected code and implemented
simple ARM GDB stub which runs in my system-less
board initialization code. It sits on undefined
instructions exception for breakpoints and on
FIQ from serial for asynchronous breaks into 
running application. I would be very happy
to receive some guidance, how to utilize my
knowledge for RTEMS ARM debugging support.

Best wishes

                Pavel Pisa
        e-mail: pisa at

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