Is it possible to guarantee long word alignment of a mbuf data.

Paul Whitfield paulw at
Wed Jul 20 08:25:25 UTC 2005

Eric Norum wrote:
> Have a look at the trick I used for the ColdFire 5282.  I use the  space 
> normally used to hold a pointer to the mbuf as a one to three  byte 
> buffer.  No extra mbufs required, no shuffling of data within an  mbuf.

Fantastic, took me a little while to "get it", but I have adapted
it to work with my driver and it works a treat.

> It would be great if you or someone else could take the 5282 driver  and 
> make a generic version which would work across all ColdFire  hardware.  
> I've run out of time for ColdFire BSP development,  unfortunately....

The bsp I am using is based on Chris John's / Cybertec 5272 bsp
for My Right Boot, so it is kind of generic.



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