I386-PC586 on Dil/NetPC

Valentin Buergel simtec at datacomm.ch
Tue Jun 21 16:45:51 UTC 2005


I am new to RTEMS. I successfully build and installed RTEMS for the i368 
hardware. But I am not able to run the hello.exe application on the embedded 

There is no video therefore I enabled RTEMS_RUNTIME_CONSOLE_SELECT in 
console.c. I also adapted iqr.h to fit COM2 (IRQ11 instead of 3). RS232 is 
connected on COM1 and COM2 and I watch on minicomm but nothing happens.

The last thing I see from GRUB is:

# Booting 'Hello-World'
# kernel (hd1,1)/hello.exe
# [Multiboot-elf, <0x100000:0x1d584:0x2e48>, shtab=0x121140, entry=0x10000c]

Key features of the hardware:
(DIL/NetPC ADNP/1520-3V, http://www.dilnetpc.com/dnp0032.htm) 
* AMD 32-bit SC520 Low Power IA-32 586 CPU with 133 MHz Clock Speed
* Hardware FPU (Floating Point Unit) ANSI/IEEE 754 compliant
* 64 MByte SDRAM Memory
* 16 MByte Boot Block FLASH Memory
* 10/100 Mbps Ethernet Interface
* COM1/COM2 16550 Serial Ports with TTL Levels

Can anybody help or give some hints?

Regards, Valentin Buergel

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