Stack filling.

Joel Sherrill <> joel.sherrill at
Wed Jun 1 13:14:07 UTC 2005

Chris Johns wrote:
> Joel Sherrill <joel at> wrote:

> The capture engine is designed to be installed at runtime. This means 
> the configuration change is not made until after RTEMS is running so 
> some tasks missing having the stack initialised.
> How does the current stack checker handle this ?

It is turned on at configure time as a static extension so it impacts
all threads that are created.

> Could we make this an RTEMS debug flag ?

This is a possibility.  I would really like to see a "debug/profile" 
alternate build version of RTEMS that turns on all the heap checking,
stack checking, mutex lock order checking, etc. It would be considerably
slower and more code space but worth it from a consistency check.

If there were a set of global debug settings, then these checks could
be in the build and turned on and off at run-time.


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