I386-PC586 on Dil/NetPC

Valentin Buergel simtec at datacomm.ch
Thu Jun 23 08:50:11 UTC 2005

Chris thanks a lot for your help.

> This is what I get looking at the 4.7 source in cvs. I am sure it is the
> same in 4.6:
>            c/src/lib/libbsp/i386/pc386/include/bsp.h

I saw these line, but I thought I am not supposed to change this value (sort 
of enumeration). I don't know what other value would be appropriate.

> I have found printk has a few problems. For example I found this code
> works:
>   printk ("test: %d", 12345678);
> yet:
>   printk ("test: %5d", 12345678);
> failed with a crash, lockup or moving cursor. If we have code in the BSP
> or RTEMS which triggers this sort of bug a crash might occur. Maybe your
> hardware is triggering this bug. I found it by booting a working
> application on a box with 1.25G of RAM. I was printing the amount of RAM
> in KBs.
> If someone knows the printk code in libcsupport and could take a look it
> would be welcome. I have raised PR808.

This looks reasonable to me. But I am probably not able to fix this.

I copied "my" hello.exe to the grub144 floppy and tested on my AMD Athlon 
workstation. It works! The underbar-cursor goes down and to the right on the 
screen but after that the printk prints "Initialized console on port CONSOLE" 
and then the hello-text is printed to the screen.

In bochs on the same hello.exe the cursor goes down and stays there forever!

Thanks for any help.

Best regards, Valentin Buergel

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