MVME5500 status, and on to PMC interrupts

Kate Feng feng1 at
Tue Mar 1 11:36:21 UTC 2005

Hi Peter,

Not sure  if you got this E-mail yesterday.  Here is again.  See below.

Peter Dufault wrote:

> On Feb 28, 2005, at 1:04 PM, Kate Feng wrote:
> > it seems that the IRQ of the  2nd PMC730  returns as a VME
> > interrupt 3.  My understanding is that the PMCspan  card is
> > a VME module featuring the DEC21150 PCI-to-PCI interface
> > bridge.  You do not need  to write a  newdriver for the bridge to
> > search for the PMC module.  However,  I think you need to program
> > the PMCspan VME module corrctly to access the returned address
> > space.
> >
> It isn't really a VME module though it takes up a VME slot.  It hooks
> up to the PCI expansion connector on the MVME5500.  You can also add a
> "PMCSPAN-010" for two more PMC slots.  I think it is only picking up
> power from the VME and using the P2 connectors for user I/O.
> If you look at table 2-1 of the MVME5500 Programming Manual you'll see
> that the PMC expansion returns "PCI AD Line AD20" and INTA# through
> INTD# of 12, 13, 14, 15, that second set matches the VME INTA# through
> INTD# assignments, but the VME uses "PCI AD LINE AD16".  Maybe you
> understand this, I don't yet.  I'm assuming there is some offset to
> these interrupt numbers based on how they feed into the GT64260 that
> get you from 0x08 to 0x48.
> Also, if you look at the log I sent you and at the mvme5500 pci.c, I
> don't think the code is setting up that DEC21150 bus properly.  I don't
> see any iteration over that bus once it is discovered, similar to the
> way the code iterates over new busses in the "shared/pci" directory, so
> I don't think things are properly enabled for the boards on the other
> side of the bridge.  By brute force looking at higher PCI bus numbers I
> am seeing it after startup but I don't think it is setup and thus the
> memory problem when I try to look at registers.  Note that access to
> the first PMC730 and the PMC341 are logged during startup, but the
> second PMC730 never is, the first you see it is after my code is
> running.

Maybe it will help if you can send me your code  so that I can
understand what went wrong.  I do not have a PMCSPAN module.
However, I  will read the datasheet you sent me.

In your log :
> pmc730_1 at 0x01FFED68: 0/2/2/0 base address B4000000 intr 0E.

For the 0/2/2/0,  I am not sure what  the first 0/ means  ?


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