MVME5500 status, and on to PMC interrupts

Peter Dufault dufault at
Tue Mar 1 12:00:07 UTC 2005

On Mar 1, 2005, at 6:36 AM, Kate Feng wrote:

> Maybe it will help if you can send me your code  so that I can
> understand what went wrong.  I do not have a PMCSPAN module.
> However, I  will read the datasheet you sent me.
> In your log :
>> pmc730_1 at 0x01FFED68: 0/2/2/0 base address B4000000 intr 0E.
> For the 0/2/2/0,  I am not sure what  the first 0/ means  ?

That is the "pcinum" in the "PCIx" code in the mvme5500/pci directory.  
There are indeed two completely independent PCI busses on the mvme5500, 
and "pcinum" is which of the two independent busses is being accessed.

I went over the mvme5500 and PMCSPAN documents last night.  I believe I 
see the layout now.  I'll send a summary in a little while after I go 
over the code to see what it is doing and what it isn't.  It definitely 
does not properly handle PCI bridges such as the one on the PMCSPAN or 
any PMC module with a PCI bridge on it.  I won't have time to fix 
things properly now, but it will help someone else looking to sort it 


Peter Dufault
HD Associates, Inc.

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