m68k in_cksum help needed

Joel Sherrill <joel@OARcorp.com> joel.sherrill at OARcorp.com
Thu Mar 10 22:17:55 UTC 2005


With the move to gcc4, the m68k specific in_cksum implementation
is not compiling.  All m68k/coldfire builds end with this error:

then mv -f "netinet/.deps/libnetworking_a-in_cksum.Tpo" 
"netinet/.deps/libnetworking_a-in_cksum.Po"; else rm -f 
"netinet/.deps/libnetworking_a-in_cksum.Tpo"; exit 1; fi
{standard input}: Assembler messages:
{standard input}:149: Error: symbol `lcsum1_lbl' is already defined
{standard input}:149: Error: symbol `lcsum2_lbl' is already defined

I tried converting lcsum1_lbl and lcsum2_lbl to temporary labels
and that did not help.

I looked at the NetBSD implementation and it is very different
from this one.


Help getting this to compile again would be appreciated.

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