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Brian Rose lists at
Mon Mar 14 02:07:42 UTC 2005

I'm new to RTEMS and I'm looking to mess around with it a bit. I plan on
using a Cygwin host and a spare PC for an i386 target. The documentation
listed seems to be a bit dated and I would like to see if I can fill in the
gaps here. When I am done, I plan on writing a complete Windows user's
guide to RTEMS.

1) When you download and install Cygwin, you need to get the following
packages (in addition to the default base)...

If you do not do this, make is not installed by default, there is no tool
to apply the RTEMS patches, and PERL is needed because the tools require a
pod2man script, which is inculded with PERL.

2) The version of GDB supported by RTEMS (5.2.0) is not available anymore
on the GNU ftp site. 5.2.1 is there, but I am not sure if the patch should
be applied. Can someone verify this?

I am able to successfully build the tools and get them working. However
when I build RTEMS I get the following error in the <builddir>/i386/c

configure: error: no acceptable cc found in $PATH

Now I linked /bin/cc to /bin/gcc as documented in the instructions. How do
I determine if a gcc is "acceptable"? Is it because the --target=xxx is
incorrect for my cc? I'm guessing that I need to point the /bin/cc to my
cross-compiler. Is this correct?

Thanks in advance..



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