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Mon Mar 14 14:58:43 UTC 2005

At 07:07 PM 3/13/2005, Brian Rose wrote:

>I'm new to RTEMS and I'm looking to mess around with it a bit. I plan on
>using a Cygwin host and a spare PC for an i386 target.

In my opinion, using Cygwin is a bad idea.Compiles are very slow and buggy.

>The documentation
>listed seems to be a bit dated and I would like to see if I can fill in the
>gaps here. When I am done, I plan on writing a complete Windows user's
>guide to RTEMS.
>1) When you download and install Cygwin, you need to get the following
>packages (in addition to the default base)...
>If you do not do this, make is not installed by default, there is no tool
>to apply the RTEMS patches, and PERL is needed because the tools require a
>pod2man script, which is inculded with PERL.
>2) The version of GDB supported by RTEMS (5.2.0) is not available anymore
>on the GNU ftp site. 5.2.1 is there, but I am not sure if the patch should
>be applied. Can someone verify this?
>I am able to successfully build the tools and get them working. However
>when I build RTEMS I get the following error in the <builddir>/i386/c
>configure: error: no acceptable cc found in $PATH
>Now I linked /bin/cc to /bin/gcc as documented in the instructions. How do
>I determine if a gcc is "acceptable"? Is it because the --target=xxx is
>incorrect for my cc? I'm guessing that I need to point the /bin/cc to my
>cross-compiler. Is this correct?
>Thanks in advance..

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