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Tue Mar 1 16:51:14 UTC 2005

Mike Bertosh wrote:
> Alan,
> I did use m68k-rtems-objcopy when I tried to convert it. It just gave me an unknown 
> file type error. I tried using a bunch of different file types, but none of them would 
> work. I also tried to read the file with readelf and m68k-rtems-objdump but neither 
> would read the file so i figure it's not an elf file. I also used the file command to try and 
> see what type of file it is, but it just said that it was a data file. Thanks for your reply.

The ".nxe" file is always in the native toolset format -- usually ELF or 

The ".exe" is in the correct format to downaload to a particular board.
It could be anything.  Use a "file" to see what it is.


> Mike
> On 1 Mar 2005 at 10:48, Alan Cudmore wrote:
>>Did you try using m68k-rtems-objcopy?
>>The file should be in elf format, and you should be able to convert it to
>>an srecord file.
>>I would use: m68k-rtems-objcopy -Osrec ticker.exe ticker.s3r
>>If that does not work you can always try: m68k-rtems-nm ticker.exe just to
>>see if the ticker.exe is in elf format.
>>On Tue, 1 Mar 2005, Mike Bertosh wrote:
>>>Hi all,
>>>I am trying to run the rtems ticker.exe sample program on a Avnet MCF5282 eval
>>>board to check if the clock tick runs properly. I am trying to convert this file to an S-
>>>record so I can flash it to the board. The problem that I am running into is that I can't
>>>find what output format the ticker.exe file is. I am trying to use objcopy to convert it to
>>>the S-record. Can some one tell me what format this file is or can anyone give any
>>>suggestions on a better way to convert this to an S-record? I would greatly appreciate
>>>any help with this problem. Thanks for your time.
>>>Mike Bertosh
>>>Motion Control Systems Inc.
>>>New River VA

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