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Tue Mar 8 22:20:14 UTC 2005

Philippe Simons wrote:
> Just some Qs:
> - What's a good gnu-tools version combo for building rtems-cvs for arm?
>   automake,autoconf,binutils,newlib and gcc?

automake 1.8.2 or newew with the patch 
automake-1.8.2-rtems-20040112-1.diff which applies to
all automake versions >= to that one.  Without this
patch, you end up with errors when trying to build .S
files since there will be no automake rules for them.

I personally recommend gcc-4.0 CVS snapshots.  For
most targets, you don't have to have patches for
RTEMS.  It seems pretty stable.

newlib 1.13.0 with newlib-1.13.0-rtems-20050301.diff
or newlib CVS.

I need to put out the automake RPMs.  As soon as gcc 4.0.0
is released, those will appear.  If people want them, I can
make RPMs based upon gcc 4.0 CVS.

> - What's the current status of c++ for arm bsp?
>   I'm having trouble with global constructors...

General answer .. it is usually just a matter of getting the init/fini 
and ctor/dtor right in linkcmds and crti/n/begin/end in bsp_specs.

Someone else will need to comment on this.

Jay.. any feedback from yourARM BSPs?

> Philippe

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