console driver on software simulator

JP Bonn rtems2 at
Wed Mar 16 18:07:26 UTC 2005

We're doing the simulation in software (similar to PSIM) so I can do a
"printf" within in the simulator.  I realize I can emulate a UART but I
thought that was more complicated than needed to be.  I'm thinking of a
console driver that just takes it's input and then does printf.

Joel Sherrill <joel at> wrote:

> JP Bonn wrote:
>> We're porting RTEMS to a software simulation of our processor.  We'd
>> like to have /dev/console output go to stdout.  Is there a device driver
>> to do this?  It seems like someone would have done this already but I
>> didn't see  one.
> The simulator BSPs use whatever magic the simulator itself provides
> for console output.  This could be writing to a magic address and seeing
> the character pop out on stdout or a full blown simulation of a
> UART with interrupts.
> What facilities like this does your simulator provide?

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