AW: Booting RTEMS PC386 via dos prompt

Angelo Fraietta angelo_f at
Wed May 4 20:51:44 UTC 2005

Luca Abeni wrote:

>Hi Angelo,
>Good to know that the eXtender is working well, and that it is useful to
I have successfully implemented eXtender, whereby I am able to load a 
series of DOS programs from my autoexec.bat file, and then load my RTEMS 
program, which runs until they cycle power or reboot.

I was hoping no to be able to run an RTEMS program, exit it, and then 
load another RTEMS program.
If I add exit(0), I get an executive shutdown, but it requires the user 
to press any key to reboot, which is not what i want. I want the program 
to just exit back to dos and load the next program. Does anyone know how 
I can do this?

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