Network compilation problems

Steve Holle sholle at
Thu May 5 14:31:32 UTC 2005

Could you share your solution?  It might be useful to someone else.

At 06:53 PM 5/5/2005, Steven Johnson wrote:
>Ive solved my own problem.
>Sorry about that.
>Steven Johnson wrote:
>>Ive compiled RTEMS 4.6.2 for MPC862 no problems. (Been doing this 
>>for a while now).
>>Ive got my application, which works fine under RTEMS, has been for 
>>some years.
>>Now ive gone to add Ethernet support.
>>Ive started writing my driver (yes i know one already existis), but 
>>trust me, i like writing my own drivers.
>>Anyway, the problem is i am getting out of the compile:
>>/opt/rtems-4.6/powerpc-rtems/include/stdlib.h:66: declaration of C function `
>>  void rtems_bsdnet_free(void*)' conflicts with
>>mpc8xx-rtems/include/sys/malloc.h:351: previous declaration `
>>  void rtems_bsdnet_free(void*, int)' here
>>/opt/rtems-4.6/powerpc-rtems/include/stdlib.h:73: declaration of C function `
>>  void* rtems_bsdnet_malloc(unsigned int)' conflicts with
>>mpc8xx-rtems/include/sys/malloc.h:352: previous declaration `
>>  void* rtems_bsdnet_malloc(long unsigned int, int, int)' here
>>But if i look in those places, these things arent defined, just malloc.
>>Why is this happening?
>>What have i done wrong?
>>This just looks weird, why would there be two different 
>>declarations for malloc?
>>Any suggestions would be helpful.
>>Steven Johnson

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