cache.c not in libbsp for m68k

Stanley Jobson stanley.jobson at
Sun Nov 20 19:08:21 UTC 2005

i got a compile error when building my app for m68k like:

../src/contrib/cexp/m68k-rtems/lib/libcexp.a(libcexp_a-bfdstuff.o): In
function `flushCache': itimerspec/../bfdstuff.c:1208: undefined reference
to `_CPU_cache_flush_1_data_line' itimerspec/../bfdstuff.c:1208: undefined
reference to `_CPU_cache_invalidate_1_instruction_line'

and found out that "_CPU_cache_flush_1_data_line" is impl in

unfort. this code is not included in libbsp finally. i guess the missing
code is in libbsp/m68k/gen68360/wrapup/Makefile*:

# bummer; have to use $foreach since % pattern subst rules only replace 1x
OBJS = $(foreach piece, $(BSP_PIECES), $(wildcard
../$(piece)/$(ARCH)/*.$(OBJEXT))) \    $(wildcard
../../../../libcpu/$(RTEMS_CPU)/shared/misc/$(ARCH)/*.$(OBJEXT)) \   

i added 

../../../../libcpu/$(RTEMS_CPU)/shared/cache/$(ARCH)/*.$(OBJEXT)) \   

e voila ... everything works fine now ;-) 

is there any reason why the cache dir is not included in the Makefile?


ps: i am using rtems 4.6.2 on freebsd and compile for i386 and m68k 

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