SkyEye and EDB7312

Joel Sherrill <> joel.sherrill at
Tue Nov 22 00:06:12 UTC 2005

I think the SkyEye simulator must be closer to workign than I thought.

This page has Chinese instructions on running hello with the edb7312 bsp 
and 4.6.2.  I tried this with the CVS head without luck.   I tried to 
make the changes I could grok out of that page.

The simulator is at and I would appreciate it very much
if someone (especially someone who can read Chinese) can help me get 
this running.

This is the skyeye.conf I put together:

#skyeye config file sample
cpu: arm720t
mach: ep7312
mem_bank: map=I,type=RW, addr=0x80000000, size=0x00010000
mem_bank: map=M, type=RW, addr=0xc0000000, size=0x1000000
log: logon=1, logfile=/tmp/sk1.log, start=2000000, end=3000000


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