Flash memory framework

Jay Monkman jtm at smoothsmoothie.com
Thu Nov 3 01:38:51 UTC 2005

Chris Johns wrote:
> Jay Monkman wrote:
>> Before I really start on this, I'd like to get some feedback so that I
>> can make it useful to others and hopefully avoid problems I'd run into
>> otherwise.
> What is license of this code ?

The code I'm talking about would be licensed under the same license as RTEMS.
JFFS2 is under a license equivalent to RTEMS - GPL with an exception.

For those who don't know, JFFS2 is a journalling flash filesystem. It comes from
Linux and eCos. It works on both NOR and NAND flash, although I'm only testing
on NOR flash at the moment.

The website for it is:

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