Cogent 637 board

Jay Monkman jtm at
Thu Nov 3 16:13:50 UTC 2005

Camilo Alejandro Arboleda wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm trying to boot rtems from a cogent 637 board. This uses uMon as boot
> loader. As far as i can see, the 337 BSP should work, but when i boot
> hello.exe, it seems to do nothing.
> I downloaded the hello.exe (uncompressed) using tftp, then i check using
> "dm" (dump memory) command from umon, and it seem to be fine. This is my
> first attempt with this board, so I'm not sure what to do to find the
> problem.
> Has anyone in the list worked with this board?

I've used the CSB337 BSP on this board with no problem. Make sure you strip the
executable before you put it on the board. And when you tftp it to the board,
set the 'E' flag in umon.

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