Cogent 637 board

Ed Sutter esutter at
Thu Nov 3 14:48:59 UTC 2005

Send me the output of "tfs ls" at the uMON> prompt.
That will show you the flag settings of the file.

Also, if you're working from a PC you may be interested in another
tool I wrote called "uCon" (it's also free to download at the
microcross site).  At a minimum, it is a replacement for Hyperterminal,
but also provides a lot of extra stuff for embedded development needs:

- a terminal server so that you (and/or multiple users) can telnet into
   the pc that is connected to the target's com port for remote access of
   the RS-232 connection.

- a set of "simplified" servers (tftp, ftp, syslog, dhcp/bootp).
   "simplified" here means that they do not include the full set of
   features; however, usually have what is needed for basic embedded system

- programmable function keys, command logging, timestamping
- interactive scripting, detailed help, etc...


Camilo Alejandro Arboleda wrote:

> Hello,
> I'm trying to boot rtems from a cogent 637 board. This uses uMon as boot 
> loader. As far as i can see, the 337 BSP should work, but when i boot 
> hello.exe, it seems to do nothing.
> I downloaded the hello.exe (uncompressed) using tftp, then i check using 
> "dm" (dump memory) command from umon, and it seem to be fine. This is my 
> first attempt with this board, so I'm not sure what to do to find the 
> problem.
> Has anyone in the list worked with this board?

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