Cogent 637 board

Ed Sutter esutter at
Thu Nov 3 17:04:40 UTC 2005

And, if you made that '-f EB', then it would auto-boot.

Camilo Alejandro Arboleda wrote:

> Thanks a lot, the '-f E' made the trick (I'll read the documentation 
> more carefully next time)
> Ed Sutter wrote:
>> Camilo,
>> I haven't worked with RTEMS on this board however, I may be able to 
>> help...
>> Assuming hello.exe is an ELF file, and you're transferring hello.exe 
>> into TFS
>> on the board, then it should be flagged as elf.  TFS needs to know 
>> what kind
>> of file it is.
>> In the nutshell, if you are using a tftp client on your host to 
>> download to
>> the uMon's TFTP server, then the destination filename should be 
>> "hello.exe,E".
>> The ",E" suffix is treated as a flag by uMon's tftp server and will 
>> store the
>> file as hello.exe with the flag "E".  This simply tells TFS that the 
>> file is
>> executable ELF so that it can load it appropriately.
>> If you're using uMon's tftp client, then specify the "-F hello.exe -f E"
>> options on the uMpn command line to invoke the same idea.
>> Then, with the file installed in TFS, you can simply type "hello.exe" 
>> at the
>> uMon command line and it should run (assuming it was built properly of 
>> course).
>> I'll gladly help more; however, note that there is a pretty useful (IMHO)
>> user's manual covering uMon at 
>> Ed Sutter
>> PS...
>> If you add a 'B' to the flags (i.e. "hello.exe,EB"), then hello.exe will
>> automatically boot after reset.
>> Camilo Alejandro Arboleda wrote: 

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