Running RTEMS configure script from Eclipse

Chris Johns chrisj at
Wed Nov 23 20:20:51 UTC 2005

Samuel Bitton wrote:
> My development environment is based on Eclipse (with CDT) and Cygwin on a Windows platform.
> Has any of you who use similar setting found a way of running the RTEMS configure script?
> I'm trying to do it using the "Running External Tools" functionality but I get an exception
> error when the script is launched. I guess that's because Eclipse is trying to run the
> configure script as a windows program. I believe I have to tell Eclipse to run it on Cygwin
> but can't find how?
> Any suggestions?

I have not run the RTEMS configure script inside an IDE such as Eclipse 
on Windows but I have run configure scripts in Visual Studio. This is 
using MSYS so I suspect/hope Cygwin is the same.

What I did is:

1. Create a batch file called 'sh-run.bat' and place it in your path.
    The location of the RTEMS tools is a good place. In the batch file

      @echo off
      rem The following sets the paths and environment.
      call AutoSetEnv.bat
      %1 %2 %3 %4 %5 %6 %7 %8 %9

2. Create another batch file called "AutoSetEnv.bat" in the same place
    and in it place the various environment variables needed to run
    Cygwin. If Cygwin is in your global path environment variable
    you may not need this batch file. If it is not this method
    saves having to have the Cygwin setup in the global path:

      @echo off

3. To run a configure script or a compile call the sh-run.bat file
    and have 'sh' as the first argument followed by the configure
    command and arguments. You will have to figure out how to set
    the working directory:

      c:\rtems\bin\sh-run sh /opt/src/rtems/configure .....

4. In the case of Visual Studio and a make with GCC I have sh
    call another script that filters the gcc output so VS will
    parse the error messages correctly. This should not be an issue
    for you with Eclipse.

If this works could you please let me know so a Wiki topic can be 
created on this subject.


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