Running RTEMS configure script from Eclipse

Chris Welch cwelch at
Wed Nov 23 23:41:39 UTC 2005

This is what I use to launch builds from CodeWright, so just massage this to
run your configure from Eclipse (same situation, different editor):

C:\cygwin\bin\bash -l -c "cd /cygdrive/c/dev/gc1000;make -k all 2>&1 | tee

1) Change the "cd /cygdrive/c/dev/gc1000" to where you want configure to run

2) Change the "make -k all" to the command you use for configure

3) The tee is optional to store the output result.  For Codewright this feed
back into the environment to allow for point and click compile error fixing
while also being able to watch the build while it runs.

I've configured bash to pick up my RTEMS environment so that I don't have to
mess around with setting things up everytime I fire off a shell from

If you do decide to script things, avoid the suggested .bat solutions and
write a short cygwin shell script.  .bat scripting is extremely primative
and completely unnecessary with cygwin present.

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My development environment is based on Eclipse (with CDT) and Cygwin on a
Windows platform. Has any of you who use similar setting found a way of
running the RTEMS configure script? I'm trying to do it using the "Running
External Tools" functionality but I get an exception error when the script
is launched. I guess that's because Eclipse is trying to run the configure
script as a windows program. I believe I have to tell Eclipse to run it on
Cygwin but can't find how? Any suggestions?


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