Running RTEMS configure script from Eclipse

Chris Johns chrisj at
Thu Nov 24 00:12:18 UTC 2005

Chris Welch wrote:
> I've configured bash to pick up my RTEMS environment so that I don't have to
> mess around with setting things up everytime I fire off a shell from
> windows.

This is ok for your setup and will suite most users but some people end 
up with more than cygwin version on their machine and they often to do 
not play well together. The approach I outlined avoids such problems by 
not providing the cygwin configuration as a global setup.

> If you do decide to script things, avoid the suggested .bat solutions and
> write a short cygwin shell script.  .bat scripting is extremely primative
> and completely unnecessary with cygwin present.

The batch files are not provided as a way to script, rather a way to 
setup an environment for native Windows programs that do not know how to 
execute a shell script or any thing about cygwin to work. I found this 
to be important with a MinGW based set of tools.

An all Cygwin environment should allow just scripts to be used, how-ever 
I do not use cygwin so cannot say for certain.


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